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Top 6 Marketing Fads We Require To Know This Year

Below are listed the marketing trends for this year and everything is going to change all over again. This year experts are exploring new possibilities for marketing and they have started making forecasts regarding what will be the best. Irrespective of new trends and their popularity, some will succeed and some will fail. Following are some of them that are expected to do well in marketing field this year and your business can take advantage:-

Universally present Data

Everything with an on or off switch have to be connected to the internet at a certain point. The IOT will bring incredible possibilities; it will change the face of the data sharing that we currently utilize. When everything is interconnected, several other devices will be having the capability to collect data on user groups and be used for marketing. Many people remain happy to by trading their data for personalized offerings. Any privacy concerns which can restrict them can be overcome by the provisions of tailor-made content & offers and better customer experience.

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VR growth

This world is emerging rapidly and is expected to grow even more in 2017. More than 500,000 VR headsets have been sold every year and by 2020, the demand will outstrip the supply, according to a research in Australia. Audience size is continuously increasing as VR has the potential to be an industry which is lucrative. There are endless possibilities with virtual reality services. The marketer can take advantage of them and of their ads by advertising on them.

Over Personalized

CRM software already is capable of such detailed personal data of users and marketers are tailoring the communications & marketing strategy to not lag behind. But this is not something which can be done with a tailored message at the right time that can yield better conversions and ROI.

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Customers are given the option to customize the ads they want to see for eg. Facebook and more websites are adopting this. Be more creative is the key because consumers will decide what kind of ads they prefer.


Creative content development produces results and changing formats. Visual like photo and video are in as mobiles help to narrow the product choices. Content can become more powerful than other advertising modes. Budgets regarding content marketing will increase this year as more companies are directing towards different route other than traditional ads.


Top Online Trends Every Web Designer Should be Aware of this Year

Web designing services are not merely creating pretty sites but rather about building interfaces which functions and serve visitors in a useful or pleasurable way. A web designer cannot just work in a restricted space but they need to know broader trends which influence users regarding what they expect a website to appear & function.

Following are some core changes which are happening around online:-

  1. Voice & chat

Customer service chatbots are a conversational interface which looks like a real person chatting when it’s actually a programme. Recently we are seeing them everywhere we look because of the rise in new Artificial Intelligence technologies. They are user-friendly and it’s possible to chat with them because they are coming with voice recognition technologies.

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According to Google, 20% of the inquiries are made by voice. Particularly for e-commerce sites, they can attract conversions and sales. Now, Apple, Amazon, and Google are coming with their own voice user interfaces with which they will get more and more accurate and useful.

  1. Live streaming revolution

In terms of audio and video content, a revolution is going on. Netflix generates more than 30% of its revenue from home entertainment. As far as live streaming video is concerned, the web giants are busy in nudging the broadcast TV. Twitter will be seeing its future in this area. This year Amazon has beaten Twitter on the NFL front, while Facebook has made a deal to live stream the champions Soccer games with Fox Sports.

  1. Adblocker

Gone are the days when we thought that we can make a living from putting some ads on the blog. This has been numbered, even for big media. As the overall ad space supply has increased, more systems and programs have driven the price which busted the model entirely. With disappointing returns, everyone had to add a more intrusive commercial to their page. This resulted in ad blocker rise.

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  1. VR web

If you think of virtual reality as a fad and it will go away quickly, then you either have not experienced it or have done through a cheap headset attached to a device which doesn’t create that good experience. VR is prepared to change the world and it’s only a matter of time. This will certainly include the web. Web designers have a lot of client work for big brands as everyone wants to know how VR can work for them. Indulge into new tools and frameworks that have evolved along with it.

  1. Skimmed content

Sharing blogs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a hit. Most people only look at the headline and don’t read the whole content. 59% of the links shared on social media never actually gets clicked. The other digital stuff is competing for our attention and we are time poor in our busy lives. Do not rely on people reading your website’s content cover to cover.

Top 4 Trends Pertaining to IT Industry in 2017

The customers are now in control for the IT teams. IT leaders are bringing a shift in historical ones as according to the customer expectations.  The IT professionals should be aware of these trends. A universal study conducted displays that 81% of the tech professionals are willing to enter into a new era which will be driven by the customers and their expectations.

Around 70% of the consumers opine that it’s easier to take the business forward with the help of technology. ¾th tech leaders say that IT companies are in the middle of the biggest historical shift of its role. The research report published revealed the ongoing mindset of top IT leaders and opened a window to the challenges faced by the industry, strategy, goals, success ration and metrics. This also involved factors influencing the IT trends.

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This year’s IT is a crossroads of the change. More organizations are adopting customer-centric models on the demands of customers. Units of the businesses like sales, marketing, and customer expectations are bounded with building new experiences that can be met with elevated customer’s expectations.

Following are the 4 core findings of the report:-

It is value based and not a cost center anymore

The industry is witnessing the huge historical shift of its role and most of the IT leaders agree with this. Incoming 1 to 1 and a half years, 71% of the IT-led organizations will change from being a tech providing cost center to value-based brokerage service. IT is the central nervous system which makes business capable to perform, partner with various departments to share the experience with connected data and new capabilities.

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Innovation & Creativity for IT

Top IT departments are more likely to take innovation & creativity as a priority. At the same time, they face critical skill gaps among the staff in every area of IT. The battle of making time for innovation is nothing new.

Development Speed Cycle

Improving the web development speed cycle is the priority for IT department. It is also a challenge. For this, the options are explored like low code solutions and citizen development. Security and insufficient governance or training still hold the team back from giving the customers the holding power.

Artificial Intelligence Usage

Everyone has high expectations from AI. By 2020, customers’ needs will be anticipated by a company and relevant suggestions will be made. This will affect the daily work life at the organization. It teams have to work to solidify the plans for implementation of this.

Optimized Customer Service is the Standard for Good Organization

There is better communication today because of the development in technology. Customers can be closely connected to because of contact centers and be provided extensive service and guaranteed satisfaction for their concerns. In the process of providing a better experience, recording the conversations, chat support, and quickly attend to the inquiries of customers have come to the picture. These factors play a significant role in grasping the new crucial performance indicators of the call center service to customers.

Customers have a short span of attention these days and getting to know them takes time and effort. They prefer electronic transactions and high-quality upgrade. Customer return is the pleasant experience for which you need to render exceptional customer services. Increased number of calls produces an increasing number of agents. Hired agents that are committed will bring utmost success to the contact center of the business.

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Elements of Customer Support   

An effective customer care is one which is flexible in order to get the trust from the clients and receive feedback on the basis of which the correct indicators will be defined. There are universal standards metrics which are set by the experienced ones, used by every contact to monitor the quality services on the basis of parameters like:-

  • Cost per call- A call is to be answered within 20 seconds. A large volume of the calls is required to be answered in the expected time frame whether human or automated which includes usage of agents and assets for resolving issues during the first call.
  • Agent- A person responsible for answering help the customer finding the best solution for their concerns within 2-4 minutes and is expected to provide values considering it as a priority. The skills are calculated by the way of communication, attendance to office and performance.
  • Solution- The initial contact has a target to be resolved as customers expect a quick response instantly depending upon the issues being handled. Understanding the customers’ needs with relevant information is the key to assure the equality of customer experience and navigation towards ending a call.

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  • Satisfaction- Quality is the preference which gets reflected in the quality of outbound call center operations held by the management to deliver excellence and stating points and motivations which affect the productivity and outcome (revenue).


Opting for the Right Contact Center

Call service is an advanced solution for handling business calls underpaid agreement. Hiring the best agents in business is a challenge but the support service and expertise required to focus can aid you in figuring out the ideal contact center.

Product Development Solutions for Functional Efficiency

What does a sponsor for a product expect from a team of product engineering? To be able to deliver the following features throughout the development lifecycle:-

  • Reduced cost and time
  • Adaptivity towards change
  • Technical expertise
  • Improvement on continuous basis
  • Good software

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There are many steps/processes such as lean, agile, continuous integration and tools such as deployment ones which the team can use to achieve the above goals. But even after using these tools the sponsors of the products are still running into huge issues regarding quality, costs, and software not ready for production, release delays, etc.

For addressing the issues as well as challenges from the clients, approach towards these product development problems is called Software Product Engineering Services which helps to build better products comprising of practices, principles, people, innovation, and platform.

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  • Practices

This involves a description of how the implementation of software product engineering is done in product development processes from requirements to the maintenance phase. It involves best practices in requirement engineering, performance engineering, refactoring, user experience engineering, architectural standards, testing and continuous integration, etc.

  • Principles

This comprises set of rules of product development which are to be followed throughout the lifecycle of product development. Some principles that are delivered are within the scope of the budget, also partnered effort with customers for the development so as to reduce waste, aiming for superiority on technical expertise and a good design working software for continuous operational efficiency.

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  • People

For creating a product of high quality, it requires a right team and not building the product with only one or two resources fulfilling various roles of the team. There has to be a huge range of resources to choose from for e.g. UX, architects, BA, etc.


  • Innovation

In order to bring continuous improvement and variation in many elements of the product or product development, innovation has to be implemented on a strategic level, as well as at technology domain.

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  • Platform

Key for product development are budget, cost and time. They are beneficial for sponsors as well as for customers so it requires a good platform on which the product base can be created and some main platforms to speed up the development process and which can save time & effort. These should be a program to control the product quality so that the development time can be saved, plus a one to manage the requirements for release and support.

Responsive Website Design Patterns for Great User Experience on Mobile Devices

When it comes to website development, as it is a vital step, Responsive web design is not being discussed that much. Web designers and developers have got to understand the importance of efficient responsive design and role it has in maintaining a great user experience for the users.

That time has been passed when there was a choice regarding responsive rendition of website and responsiveness was just an option. As the web took over mobile devices, many failed to identify the challenges faced for smooth user experience on mobile phones. According to a survey, 73% users browse the web via mobile phones making it impossible to take risk of not having proper optimized and user friendly website design.

Responsive Web Design has become more of a phenomenon on usual basis rather than a trend now but it still has flaws which make the process inconvenient than friendly experience. Because of this we are here to discuss some practices which can help us achieve perfect experience which is expected of us:

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  • Easily Usable and Intuitive

Users are generally not ready to have patience while operating on mobile phones. Especially when it comes to confusing operations generated out of messy and cluttered web designs. This leads to a poor experience for the users. Momentum is the key factor to be kept in mind by the designers and developers. An intuitive web design means one without the mess and ugly looking. Any type of design irrespective of being simple or advance must be easy to operate and clear in what it has to offer. Interaction should fulfill the purpose and has to be straightforward.

  • Responsive As Compared to Regular Experience

An important decision to realize when coding for mobile devices is the difference between casual browsing experience and a mobile one. Websites on mobile devices should be a short version of their bigger websites that contain summaries which cites the main use of it. It should consist of the adapted graphics and focus on users thinking and have a logical order of the different processes.

  • Analyzing and Application of Data

A/B testing services were aimed at giving an opportunity for improvement without having a direct interaction. This can be applied for mobiles and its usability can be tested and understood by analyzing data provided by Google Analytics. You have the specific data and known audience so you can create a better experience using the ability and make it easier to fit the needs of the users.

  • Need Specific

If we talk about serving the needs of targeted users, having data to work with is a great help. There are different ways to target users but if focusing on specific kind, each niche has its own requirements.

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E-commerce websites designs deserve most attention because they directly affect the revenue. Mobile e-commerce is a hope for retailers and stores considering the amount spent on it. Various techniques highly specific to e-commerce responsive web design as the mobile phone user is different from internet one. Keep in mind these points:-

  • Impulsive Purchases
  • Unexpected shopping
  • User Decisions

Responsive Patterns on Grid System

Responsive websites usually follow pattern on a grid system. Though they vary from website to website, certain needs are to be taken care of while deciding the usage of it. Most of the time sticking to patterns which can be categorized like: layout shifter, column drop, mostly fluid, off the canvas, etc. canvas design fall into these main categories but there are many modules that can be used in the designs. Images, videos and similar files of media shall be taken care of in a proper way like how mobile phones react to these files or forms a responsive layout.

Digital Marketing Foresights Which will Change the Way it’s Looked Upon

India is at the interesting verge of enveloping technology, business, and internet which never has been witnessed before. If e-commerce market was worth 3.8 billion dollars worldwide in 2009, it became $ 17 billion in 2014 and touched $ 23 billion in 2015 and by the time 2016 will end it will swell up to $38 billion which is approx. 2.5 lakh crore with an increase of 67% as compared to previous year.

Last year, 46% of the internet users of India consumed videos and in a span of 3-5 minutes, 15,419 hours of videos is accessed each second on sites like Facebook and YouTube. Around 65 million of active Whatsapp users are from India who shares 3 billion messages every day on it out of 900 million users worldwide. And the amazing statistics is that only 25% of Indians have become online yet.

Out of 30 crore Web users and almost 100 crore mobile phone users, only 5 crore Indians did online shopping last year. We are soon going to take over the US to become world’s 2nd largest user base of web browsing and online shopping. What is the drive behind this level of incredible, exponential and never seen before the growth of e-commerce and internet industry in India?

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How the entrepreneurs and marketers are going to use this platform and execute their ideas and business vision to expand their businesses? And how they can use this to spread their ideas and art with the world? Some of the upcoming trends may provide the answers:

  1. Integrating offline with online is the new rise of ROI

ROI is the only measure to check the growth of his business. In the digital world, every impression, click, and action can be tracked for measuring ROI but still there exists a lot of void in this sphere. For example, how to accommodate offline with online campaigns and how to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign involving activities related to the physical world?

  1. Messaging Apps turning into e-shops

50% of the Indian users access Facebook and Whatsapp. This indicates that messaging apps is the next big thing in terms of a platform for digital marketers and they will dominate in 2016.

  1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will become the new Battle Front

Amazon has enabled e-shopping through their portal in the slums of Govandi, where there are no proper toilets, hospitals or schools. It’s a brave, evolutionary and useful trend of e-marketing. This trend will soon become a norm in 2016 for Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. In fact, the process has already started.

  1. Content Marketing New Layer: How to Give Users the Experience

As per the analysts and strategists of digital marketing, content marketing needs some major changes in order to make a good impact on online businesses. Emotional quotient of digital marketing in 2016 is one of those changes. Although it is not something new, businesses have been using tactics since ages to attract and engage with their customers, also how to convert them. This “feel” factor is actually a part of that tactics.

Blending consumer behavior with personalized infusion keeping in mind the localized factors, digital marketing can make great changes in 2016.

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  1. Big data is going to be Bigger

Using big data in small team employs user integrated elements, user experience manipulations and deploys high-level marketing intelligence. As more traffic comes in, there happen more amounts of conversions and more users get linked to your products and services. Big data will continue to rise and convert into an important business elevation of any digital business.
   6. Mobile marketing is no more an option to the marketing channel, it has become mandatory now.

New content creation tools have been introduced last year like high-tech gadgets to click photographs better, sharper or shoot more videos. Simultaneously, the screens shrunk to consume all this. Now, more content is accessed over the mobile phone than any other medium and this has raised an interesting question: how to maximize that tiny mobile screen and still attract the end user?


Significant SEO Tips you Must Know

SEO can often be like something which can transform things. Elements of a strong SEO strategy are not self-evident to those not trained in this field. However, once you get the basics, you can:

  • Boost up your organic search traffic dramatically
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Generate more revenue and leads

Despite all the rumors, SEO is not dead. Even best of the content needs help in getting found. So, why it is important? Let’s find out-

You might have heard that it’s an outdated practice. But this is not true. Search engine rankings and SEO practices are still evolving and it’s still vital to know the basics and not to rely on luck to get your content to rank. We have heard the line repeatedly that “content is king”. The sentiment behind this runs true. You can’t have an SEO strategy without quality content.

Seo Blog 2.1

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  • Include Primary Keyword in the Right Places

It’s important to make sure primary keyword gets involved in several places in your post. It’s the most basic elements of on-page SEO. Each blog post you make should focus on only one primary keyword.


  • Use Longtail Keyword Throughout your Post

If the primary keyword is content development & marketing, long tail variations will be- content marketing tips for small businesses, content marketing ideas for solo bloggers, etc.


  • Understand Latent Semantic Indexing

This refers to the way search engines look for relevant themes on web pages instead of just keyword densities. Use synonyms and phrasing variations of the primary keyword. Don’t repeat your primary keyword so much that it becomes tiresome. It looks redundant and spammy both to visitors and search engines alike.


  • Prefer Writing more for people and then for Search Engines

Keep your audience in mind while writing. Avoid keyword stuffing. Readers are going to notice overly mechanical and over optimized for search engines. Spread your keywords everywhere as possible in your post. Long tail keywords will be included by you, naturally, as you write.


  • Ensure Comprehensive Content

The search engine wants their users to have a good experience. Comprehensive blog posts should be long enough to cover a topic entirely. You will need to help the search engines to rank the content which thoroughly answers a question that user has asked about a topic.  It takes a fair amount of words to really cover most topics entirely (around 800-1000 words or more).

Seo Blog 2.2

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  • Create Unique Content for SEO

By unique content, it means a one which is not duplicated or anywhere else in the web, includes material or types of content that other blog posts on the same topic are missing and involves knowledge or expertise which other sources can’t duplicate.

For this, there are ways to check the uniqueness- review posts and pages ranking for respective keywords and identify information that’s missing from them and then include that information in your blog posts.

Add types of content to your posts which others do not have such as Infographics, images, videos, etc which can ad unique value to your posts.


  • Internal linking tip to avoid over optimization

It is important to earn backlinks because search engines use links to determine relationships between different pages and websites. Make sure that relevant pages and posts on your own sites are linked as well.


  • Track the Right Metrics

When it comes to SEO, marketers tend to focus on rankings. Rankings are not strong key performance indicators (KPI’s) on their own. This is because personalized search makes it difficult to accurately track rankings across all users. It’s also because rankings are a means to an end (driving traffic to your blog) rather than an end by themselves.

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Ways to Improve your Social Media Marketing in 1 Month

Having so many apps and great social media networks on the phone, it’s easy to publish content for the world to see. And inversely, it’s never been more confusing. Because everyone is telling you how to do it right, handling it is pretty complex with right tools, right time, right measurements, right photographs…and much more) there are simply way too many amazing and in-depth blog posts out there telling you how to do social media.

Social Media Management for Beginners

If your niche is in food, crafts, lifestyle or visual arts, get accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and if your niche is marketing, business or a professional presence, get accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, you will find more valuable networks as you get going. These are only for the beginners.

There’s no secret to Social Media Time Management

You can’t-do everything at once. In the same sense doing all of the social media marketing activities, every day is not going to work so well, particularly if you have just started or trying to establish a good start. Breaking your social media management into daily, weekly and monthly segments will help you manage your time better.

Social Media

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What to do Each Day?

Here are some of the things which you need to do every day if you want to make your social media marketing efforts to be successful:-

  • Engage with your Followers

You should reply to your followers, respond to mentions on blog comments and show signs of life on social media accounts in general.

  • Instigate your Engagement

Find influencers to engage with on social media. Follow or somehow connect with something new.

  • Share the Latest Interesting Content

Look through your feeds on social media and share any interesting and worthwhile content you see in it and share a link to your own content you see in it. Share a link to your own content if it fits with what you are seeing in your news feed. It’s an easy way to capitalize on what’s popular, new or trending right now. Spend time in your news feed and count it as part of your overall social media plan.

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Rather than constantly getting distracted throughout a day, set aside three or four specific times that you will get in and do these things. Otherwise, you will find yourself never leaving your social media accounts and you won’t get other content marketing done for yourself.

What to do Each Week?

Many content marketers will give you a long list of things to do every day when it comes to social media marketing at the time of starting out, set some of those activities on weekly basis so you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. Choose a diff day of the week to do each of the following:

  • Trends and Keywords

Look out for popular keywords in social media feeds and plan content which use them. Monitor topics and words which matter for your niche. For fast moving networks like Twitter, a weekly approach won’t really work that well. But it will, for other networks.

  • Brand Monitoring

Do a search on your name, blog name or brand’s name on social media accounts. Is there anything you need to respond to or be aware of? Do the same for your competitors or others for your niche. Find what the people are saying and how you can turn it to your own benefit.

  • Find content to curate

Find outside content to share with your followers and add it to your calendar for the upcoming week. Add interesting and new content to it and set aside the time for it.

  • Schedule your own content on social media

Block out some time to simply schedule your own content to publish on social media and for this, set aside a day or two.

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What do Each Month?

Check your website analytics and data. By checking your stats and analytics you see how well your social content is performing. Lookout for the trends in topics, traffic, type of content and time and date shared. Find out what is working and what is not. As you get better, and discover that you can handle that extra load, move to do this on a weekly basis.

Adjust your goals of social media according to what your monthly analytics review is telling you. You might need to share more or less at a different time. Plan your upcoming content monthly with regard to social media marketing. Think of any campaigns or themes and plan to create the content that you’ll be publishing.

Learn how to use Hashtags effectively for Digital & Social Marketing

In 2016, everyone knows what Hashtags are. However, not everyone knows how to use them. When used properly, the sign # helps categorize social media services and its content making it easier for the users to find related content. They help in increasing the visibility of messages and boost your social shares. When used inappropriately, they can negatively impact your credibility on social media which can have a negative effect of deteriorating your social activity. The issue is much more complicated when we look at the use of Hashtags beyond Twitter where they are popular. Let’s take a moment to clear some confusion:-

• Basic do’s and don’ts for Hashtags
• How to find and select the appropriate Hashtags for your messages
• Best practices for each social network

What are Hashtags?
Twitter first introduced them in 2007. They have been confusing marketers and media professionals ever since. In practice, Hashtags are used to categorize social media services content into easily navigable lists. By including the # (insert keyword) in a tweet, it then becomes visible in line with other posts using the same Hashtag.

How to search Hashtags for social media messages?
Find the ones that already exist. Sometimes, this is the better idea. Before you can get started though, you need to actually find those Hashtags. Fortunately, there are a number of tools out there to help with this process. Let’s take a look at these useful options:

• Research Hashtags Trends On Twitter
What a trend is a tool from which you can find out trending Hashtags of last 30 days. You can get new viewers by finding creative Hashtags which fit your content.

• Find Hashtags for Twitter On Twitonomy
This tool can help you find personalized Hashtags which revolve around the content you post on a Twitter account. It can also show you the most powerful influencers using a given Hashtags as well as whom all are engaging the most. Though reasonably priced, you’ll need a premium of this tool’s most useful functionality.

• Discover Hashtags for Twitter and Facebook with RiteTag
It’s a powerful tool for discovering Hashtags. It also offers up to date usage data to show how Hashtags are performing in the real world. While the premium plans offer more functionality. Basic free still offers plenty of utility.

• You Can Find Twitter Hashtags with
It’s an another tool for finding trending Hashtags on Twitter. Plus, it also has an option to get email updates on trending ones. It offers free plans for all sizes of companies from individual users up to enterprise accounts.

Hashtags 1

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Finding Hashtags on Various Social Media Sites
There’s a list of what is currently popular and a link to all the related tweets on your main feed on the left-hand side of your twitter newsfeed. You can also use the search bar to find Hashtags to know what people are currently using. This is super relevant to the content you want to share. You should see the magnifying glass on the home screen of an Instagram app when you open it. Here you can find trending Hashtags. You can find trending Hashtags on the Facebook search bar on facebook. When you go to insert a Hashtag in your post on Google+, it proceeds to give you a list of top Hashtags related to your posts. This can be useful means of finding more Hashtags related to your post topic. Pinterest search supports Hashtags as tagging and discovery engine. Pins with similar keywords in the description will show up in the results (along with pins that have the same term in URL, product page, photo name tied to the pin).  YouTube uses Hashtags in the comments section. Try searching for videos related to the topic of your video to see which Hashtags appears popular. Clicking on those Hashtags on YouTube used to bring you to a Google+ page with more related posts.

Hashtags 2

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How to Create Your Own Perfect Hashtags?
• Memorable
• Unique
• Relevant to the content you are sharing
• Make it unique but simple to remember
• Don’t make your Hashtags broad because they are hard to track

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Follow these Best Practices on How to Use Hashtags
• Be mindful of proper Hashtags etiquette on each specific network
• Use Hashtags that fit your brand
• Create it for Promotions
• Keep it Short and Memorable
• Capitalize the first letter of each word
• Use them in Twitter Chats

Avoid These Mistakes
• Don’t use Spaces or punctuation
• Don’t use the @ symbol
• Don’t go Overboard with too many Hashtags
• Don’t spam
• Make sure Hashtags Mean what you Think they Do
• Make sure your Hashtags Work

Hashtags 4

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