Top 4 Digital Marketing Forecasts for 2017 and 2 done Incorrect

Previous year will be remembered as the one where demonetization came into the picture enforcing cashless economy in the country. As people were spending through their digital wallets, it paved the way for a strong and solid digital industry in the country. The internet users reached 45-50 crore approx. and are expected to touch 75 […]

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What To Do When Outsourcing For Mobile Application Development

What is Mobile Application Development? Mobile phones over the years have evolved as a communicating device to an irresistible part of life. People are more inclined towards the mobile phones with new & advanced technologies coming each day. Irrespective of what business you are into, a mobile application for it can cover most customers and […]

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Revolutionary Technologies that will Rule Over 2017

Science & technology has leaped forward very fast in the 20th century. Innovators invented radio tuners and circuits and first robot in 1921. Now, immersive digital world connects people across the world, artificial organs have been created for our bodies and even self-driven cars has been rolled out. And we are still speeding towards new […]

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