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India is at the interesting verge of enveloping technology, business, and internet which never has been witnessed before. If e-commerce market was worth 3.8 billion dollars worldwide in 2009, it became $ 17 billion in 2014 and touched $ 23 billion in 2015 and by the time 2016 will end it will swell up to $38 billion which is approx. 2.5 lakh crore with an increase of 67% as compared to previous year.

Last year, 46% of the internet users of India consumed videos and in a span of 3-5 minutes, 15,419 hours of videos is accessed each second on sites like Facebook and YouTube. Around 65 million of active Whatsapp users are from India who shares 3 billion messages every day on it out of 900 million users worldwide. And the amazing statistics is that only 25% of Indians have become online yet.

Out of 30 crore Web users and almost 100 crore mobile phone users, only 5 crore Indians did online shopping last year. We are soon going to take over the US to become world’s 2nd largest user base of web browsing and online shopping. What is the drive behind this level of incredible, exponential and never seen before the growth of e-commerce and internet industry in India?

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How the entrepreneurs and marketers are going to use this platform and execute their ideas and business vision to expand their businesses? And how they can use this to spread their ideas and art with the world? Some of the upcoming trends may provide the answers:

  1. Integrating offline with online is the new rise of ROI

ROI is the only measure to check the growth of his business. In the digital world, every impression, click, and action can be tracked for measuring ROI but still there exists a lot of void in this sphere. For example, how to accommodate offline with online campaigns and how to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign involving activities related to the physical world?

  1. Messaging Apps turning into e-shops

50% of the Indian users access Facebook and Whatsapp. This indicates that messaging apps is the next big thing in terms of a platform for digital marketers and they will dominate in 2016.

  1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will become the new Battle Front

Amazon has enabled e-shopping through their portal in the slums of Govandi, where there are no proper toilets, hospitals or schools. It’s a brave, evolutionary and useful trend of e-marketing. This trend will soon become a norm in 2016 for Tier 2 and 3 cities of India. In fact, the process has already started.

  1. Content Marketing New Layer: How to Give Users the Experience

As per the analysts and strategists of digital marketing, content marketing needs some major changes in order to make a good impact on online businesses. Emotional quotient of digital marketing in 2016 is one of those changes. Although it is not something new, businesses have been using tactics since ages to attract and engage with their customers, also how to convert them. This “feel” factor is actually a part of that tactics.

Blending consumer behavior with personalized infusion keeping in mind the localized factors, digital marketing can make great changes in 2016.

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  1. Big data is going to be Bigger

Using big data in small team employs user integrated elements, user experience manipulations and deploys high-level marketing intelligence. As more traffic comes in, there happen more amounts of conversions and more users get linked to your products and services. Big data will continue to rise and convert into an important business elevation of any digital business.
   6. Mobile marketing is no more an option to the marketing channel, it has become mandatory now.

New content creation tools have been introduced last year like high-tech gadgets to click photographs better, sharper or shoot more videos. Simultaneously, the screens shrunk to consume all this. Now, more content is accessed over the mobile phone than any other medium and this has raised an interesting question: how to maximize that tiny mobile screen and still attract the end user?