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In today’s digital world, SureVin helps you in yielding tremendous benefits by converting your paper-based records to electronic documents resulting reduced physical records storage requirements, distribution of information across your organization, streamlining access and reducing records management costs.

There are many pitfalls that can ruin the effectiveness of an imaging solution. Relying on our expertise, you can redesign your current program or implement a new document conversion program with confidence of achieving your goals without capital investment and uncertain outcomes of an in-house solution.

Why Document Digitalization ?

Imaging a roadmap our dedicated team of ‘Document Digitalization’ will work with you to design a document in order to achieve your short and long term objectives. Together, we design a document conversion approach in order to achieve your targeted efficiency gains. Through our secure imaging and storage facilities network your information will be scanned quickly and delivered in no time. Our solution development experts work with you to assess your process and recommend best ways to enhance efficiency by digital data management.

You can optimize business applications by digitizing physical documents with our document imaging services and better leverage your technology investments. Fast and secure access helps you in a position to easily meet compliance, litigation and other business obligations.

Your benefits :

  • Easy access.
  • Easy storing advantages.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Effortless duplication of data.
  • Quick and easy retrieval.
  •  Easy to share.
  • Makes data compatible with all modes of digital data transfer.
  • Perpetual preservation of your vulnerable physical documents.

Our USP includes :

  • Identification of client’s needs.
  • Collection and alignment of documents.
  • Indexing.
  • Scanning.
  • Digital transferring.
  • Packaging.
  • Organizing.