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In 2016, everyone knows what Hashtags are. However, not everyone knows how to use them. When used properly, the sign # helps categorize social media services and its content making it easier for the users to find related content. They help in increasing the visibility of messages and boost your social shares. When used inappropriately, they can negatively impact your credibility on social media which can have a negative effect of deteriorating your social activity. The issue is much more complicated when we look at the use of Hashtags beyond Twitter where they are popular. Let’s take a moment to clear some confusion:-

• Basic do’s and don’ts for Hashtags
• How to find and select the appropriate Hashtags for your messages
• Best practices for each social network

What are Hashtags?
Twitter first introduced them in 2007. They have been confusing marketers and media professionals ever since. In practice, Hashtags are used to categorize social media services content into easily navigable lists. By including the # (insert keyword) in a tweet, it then becomes visible in line with other posts using the same Hashtag.

How to search Hashtags for social media messages?
Find the ones that already exist. Sometimes, this is the better idea. Before you can get started though, you need to actually find those Hashtags. Fortunately, there are a number of tools out there to help with this process. Let’s take a look at these useful options:

• Research Hashtags Trends On Twitter
What a trend is a tool from which you can find out trending Hashtags of last 30 days. You can get new viewers by finding creative Hashtags which fit your content.

• Find Hashtags for Twitter On Twitonomy
This tool can help you find personalized Hashtags which revolve around the content you post on a Twitter account. It can also show you the most powerful influencers using a given Hashtags as well as whom all are engaging the most. Though reasonably priced, you’ll need a premium of this tool’s most useful functionality.

• Discover Hashtags for Twitter and Facebook with RiteTag
It’s a powerful tool for discovering Hashtags. It also offers up to date usage data to show how Hashtags are performing in the real world. While the premium plans offer more functionality. Basic free still offers plenty of utility.

• You Can Find Twitter Hashtags with Hashtagify.me
It’s an another tool for finding trending Hashtags on Twitter. Plus, it also has an option to get email updates on trending ones. It offers free plans for all sizes of companies from individual users up to enterprise accounts.

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Finding Hashtags on Various Social Media Sites
There’s a list of what is currently popular and a link to all the related tweets on your main feed on the left-hand side of your twitter newsfeed. You can also use the search bar to find Hashtags to know what people are currently using. This is super relevant to the content you want to share. You should see the magnifying glass on the home screen of an Instagram app when you open it. Here you can find trending Hashtags. You can find trending Hashtags on the Facebook search bar on facebook. When you go to insert a Hashtag in your post on Google+, it proceeds to give you a list of top Hashtags related to your posts. This can be useful means of finding more Hashtags related to your post topic. Pinterest search supports Hashtags as tagging and discovery engine. Pins with similar keywords in the description will show up in the results (along with pins that have the same term in URL, product page, photo name tied to the pin).  YouTube uses Hashtags in the comments section. Try searching for videos related to the topic of your video to see which Hashtags appears popular. Clicking on those Hashtags on YouTube used to bring you to a Google+ page with more related posts.

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How to Create Your Own Perfect Hashtags?
• Memorable
• Unique
• Relevant to the content you are sharing
• Make it unique but simple to remember
• Don’t make your Hashtags broad because they are hard to track

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Follow these Best Practices on How to Use Hashtags
• Be mindful of proper Hashtags etiquette on each specific network
• Use Hashtags that fit your brand
• Create it for Promotions
• Keep it Short and Memorable
• Capitalize the first letter of each word
• Use them in Twitter Chats

Avoid These Mistakes
• Don’t use Spaces or punctuation
• Don’t use the @ symbol
• Don’t go Overboard with too many Hashtags
• Don’t spam
• Make sure Hashtags Mean what you Think they Do
• Make sure your Hashtags Work

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