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SureVin Organizes Conference on TECH-KNOW-EDGE

Bhopal, M.P: On 25th June 2016, realizing the importance in existing business and the need to explore the plenty of unexplored opportunities, SureVin has planned to organize “CII Conclave on TECH-KNOW-EDGE” at Bhopal. Specifically in areas where everything including physical objects such as devices, buildings, vehicles and other items are connected to the network. The new future rule is “Anything which can be connected and will be connected”.
Internet of Things is going to metamorphose our interactions in coming years with real and virtual worlds. Exploring the recent happenings in IoT industry and what it will offer businesses and consumers.This conference has brought together the leading IoT companies, Startups, and the developer/ professional community to exchange their ideas along with the practical application and utilization of the same.

The event has provided the opportunity to meet IoT experts, startups, attend keynote presentation and interactive sessions as well as network with experienced Business and Technical practitioners and start ups in this area, where one would have found what the start ups are up to and can gain experience over their ideas and products.

1.Infrastructure for IT & Cyber Security

  1. Impact and Future Prospects
  2. Data Center Enabled Technologies
  3. Security, Privacy and Risk

2. Internet of Things

  1. Industrial Internet
  2. Intelligent Transport Systems
  3. Next Generation Networks
  4. Marketing & Sales Generation
  5. Startups & IoT opportunity for Entrepreneurs
  6. Data Analysis and Visualizations for Smart City and Green Systems

The Session Offered Deep Insights Into:-

  1. Programs with address and open panel discussion.
  2. Presence of eminent CEO’s, Senior IT Professionals, Researchers and Academicians.
  3. Key note presentations, Case studies, Panel Discussions on Fundamental Issues Challenging Management.
  4. National and International IT leaders exclusively sharing their experiences and pioneering endeavors.
  5. Chance to network, learn and update on current and upcoming issues.
  6. The latest IT practices and initiatives from around the world.

The forum featured a stellar line up of recognized speakers who have shared their insights,
best practices and has offered great and valuable solutions for effective digital marketing services in India. Also, it was an ultimate learning and networking experience for those who wished to hear from proven best practices and new research vision on online marketing.
It focused on thought provoking and insightful IT and Internet of Things case studies.

About the Event

Gaining the ability to communicate, more objects are becoming embedded with sensors. Resulting information networks promised to create new business models, improvement of business processes with reduced risks and costs. IoT is a scenario with which objects & people are provided with exclusive identifiers and the authority to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring a computer or human interaction. IoT has evolved from the concurrence of wireless technologies, the internet and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). The IoT is closely affiliated with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

The session has offered the widest choice and best possible value with tailored topics accommodating an array of speakers from across the country making “unique” presentations. The program for 2016 is based upon research into what industry wants and aims primarily around IT implementation perspective in the current economic scenario.