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What does a sponsor for a product expect from a team of product engineering? To be able to deliver the following features throughout the development lifecycle:-

  • Reduced cost and time
  • Adaptivity towards change
  • Technical expertise
  • Improvement on continuous basis
  • Good software

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There are many steps/processes such as lean, agile, continuous integration and tools such as deployment ones which the team can use to achieve the above goals. But even after using these tools the sponsors of the products are still running into huge issues regarding quality, costs, and software not ready for production, release delays, etc.

For addressing the issues as well as challenges from the clients, approach towards these product development problems is called Software Product Engineering Services which helps to build better products comprising of practices, principles, people, innovation, and platform.

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  • Practices

This involves a description of how the implementation of software product engineering is done in product development processes from requirements to the maintenance phase. It involves best practices in requirement engineering, performance engineering, refactoring, user experience engineering, architectural standards, testing and continuous integration, etc.

  • Principles

This comprises set of rules of product development which are to be followed throughout the lifecycle of product development. Some principles that are delivered are within the scope of the budget, also partnered effort with customers for the development so as to reduce waste, aiming for superiority on technical expertise and a good design working software for continuous operational efficiency.

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  • People

For creating a product of high quality, it requires a right team and not building the product with only one or two resources fulfilling various roles of the team. There has to be a huge range of resources to choose from for e.g. UX, architects, BA, etc.


  • Innovation

In order to bring continuous improvement and variation in many elements of the product or product development, innovation has to be implemented on a strategic level, as well as at technology domain.

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  • Platform

Key for product development are budget, cost and time. They are beneficial for sponsors as well as for customers so it requires a good platform on which the product base can be created and some main platforms to speed up the development process and which can save time & effort. These should be a program to control the product quality so that the development time can be saved, plus a one to manage the requirements for release and support.