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SEO can often be like something which can transform things. Elements of a strong SEO strategy are not self-evident to those not trained in this field. However, once you get the basics, you can:

  • Boost up your organic search traffic dramatically
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Generate more revenue and leads

Despite all the rumors, SEO is not dead. Even best of the content needs help in getting found. So, why it is important? Let’s find out-

You might have heard that it’s an outdated practice. But this is not true. Search engine rankings and SEO practices are still evolving and it’s still vital to know the basics and not to rely on luck to get your content to rank. We have heard the line repeatedly that “content is king”. The sentiment behind this runs true. You can’t have an SEO strategy without quality content.

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  • Include Primary Keyword in the Right Places

It’s important to make sure primary keyword gets involved in several places in your post. It’s the most basic elements of on-page SEO. Each blog post you make should focus on only one primary keyword.


  • Use Longtail Keyword Throughout your Post

If the primary keyword is content development & marketing, long tail variations will be- content marketing tips for small businesses, content marketing ideas for solo bloggers, etc.


  • Understand Latent Semantic Indexing

This refers to the way search engines look for relevant themes on web pages instead of just keyword densities. Use synonyms and phrasing variations of the primary keyword. Don’t repeat your primary keyword so much that it becomes tiresome. It looks redundant and spammy both to visitors and search engines alike.


  • Prefer Writing more for people and then for Search Engines

Keep your audience in mind while writing. Avoid keyword stuffing. Readers are going to notice overly mechanical and over optimized for search engines. Spread your keywords everywhere as possible in your post. Long tail keywords will be included by you, naturally, as you write.


  • Ensure Comprehensive Content

The search engine wants their users to have a good experience. Comprehensive blog posts should be long enough to cover a topic entirely. You will need to help the search engines to rank the content which thoroughly answers a question that user has asked about a topic.  It takes a fair amount of words to really cover most topics entirely (around 800-1000 words or more).

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  • Create Unique Content for SEO

By unique content, it means a one which is not duplicated or anywhere else in the web, includes material or types of content that other blog posts on the same topic are missing and involves knowledge or expertise which other sources can’t duplicate.

For this, there are ways to check the uniqueness- review posts and pages ranking for respective keywords and identify information that’s missing from them and then include that information in your blog posts.

Add types of content to your posts which others do not have such as Infographics, images, videos, etc which can ad unique value to your posts.


  • Internal linking tip to avoid over optimization

It is important to earn backlinks because search engines use links to determine relationships between different pages and websites. Make sure that relevant pages and posts on your own sites are linked as well.


  • Track the Right Metrics

When it comes to SEO, marketers tend to focus on rankings. Rankings are not strong key performance indicators (KPI’s) on their own. This is because personalized search makes it difficult to accurately track rankings across all users. It’s also because rankings are a means to an end (driving traffic to your blog) rather than an end by themselves.

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