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Top 4 Trends Pertaining to IT Industry in 2017

The customers are now in control for the IT teams. IT leaders are bringing a shift in historical ones as according to the customer expectations.  The IT professionals should be aware of these trends. A universal study conducted displays that 81% of the tech professionals are willing to enter into a new era which will be driven by the customers and their expectations.

Around 70% of the consumers opine that it’s easier to take the business forward with the help of technology. ¾th tech leaders say that IT companies are in the middle of the biggest historical shift of its role. The research report published revealed the ongoing mindset of top IT leaders and opened a window to the challenges faced by the industry, strategy, goals, success ration and metrics. This also involved factors influencing the IT trends.

Top 4 Trends Pertaining to IT Industry in 2017 Blog 1

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This year’s IT is a crossroads of the change. More organizations are adopting customer-centric models on the demands of customers. Units of the businesses like sales, marketing, and customer expectations are bounded with building new experiences that can be met with elevated customer’s expectations.

Following are the 4 core findings of the report:-

It is value based and not a cost center anymore

The industry is witnessing the huge historical shift of its role and most of the IT leaders agree with this. Incoming 1 to 1 and a half years, 71% of the IT-led organizations will change from being a tech providing cost center to value-based brokerage service. IT is the central nervous system which makes business capable to perform, partner with various departments to share the experience with connected data and new capabilities.

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Innovation & Creativity for IT

Top IT departments are more likely to take innovation & creativity as a priority. At the same time, they face critical skill gaps among the staff in every area of IT. The battle of making time for innovation is nothing new.

Development Speed Cycle

Improving the web development speed cycle is the priority for IT department. It is also a challenge. For this, the options are explored like low code solutions and citizen development. Security and insufficient governance or training still hold the team back from giving the customers the holding power.

Artificial Intelligence Usage

Everyone has high expectations from AI. By 2020, customers’ needs will be anticipated by a company and relevant suggestions will be made. This will affect the daily work life at the organization. It teams have to work to solidify the plans for implementation of this.

Take Your Business To The Next Level By Outsourcing SEO

Every business has three options to choose from for marketing their products or services- collaborate, do it yourself or outsourced. Your choice depends on the type of marketing activity you attempt to do and a number of internal resources your company has currently. For direct engagement and authenticity, social media marketing is better done in-house but it’s best to bring experts when launching an SEO campaign. Outsourcing SEO can be a better thing in order to grow your business.

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SEO Can Be Complex

The complexity of the SEO, when doing on our own is what makes it challenging and daunting. It keeps on evolving constantly because of search engines changing their algorithms to improve the way of delivering targeted and organic results. For instance, Google’s algorithm focuses on mobile-friendly websites. If you lack the technical know-how and f you are not completely involved in the SEO world, keeping track of the updates by yourself can become overwhelming. Most of the times it will be better for you to focus your attention on your business than to worry about SEO matters which you can leave to the experts. For this very reason, it’s good to outsource SEO for the growth of your business with the help from search engine professionals.

Better Than Doing It Yourself

Executing the campaign with outdated methods can be harmful to the long-term health of your website. When you work with experts in SEO, you can be assured of the latest and up to date methods of optimization. There are many on site and off site optimization activities which encompass creative and technical aspects that SEO involves. To be sure of the effective campaign you need to outsource your SEO to a company which will do everything for you. Reputed companies have strategists, technical specialists, copywriters, editors, researchers, web designers of their own so that you need not worry about hiring a team of SEO specialists.

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Good For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

Outsourcing makes sense for both these types of businesses which lack the manpower and budget to hire and maintain their own team of SEO professionals. You can save a lot of your money and time in the long run as long as you pair with right SEO team. Keep in mind that it takes certain knowledge and skills that are required and honed over a period of time. In-house training will take too much of your resources when you can use them to run your business and do other relate important tasks. When you outsource, your SEO program can start at once and you can be assured that it’s done correctly.

Experts can scale the campaign in a snap irrespective of it being short term or long term as it is professionally managed. Testing, analytics, and tracking are important to any campaign and your time is saved by not doing these time-consuming activities yourself. As it eliminates the guesswork associated with all tasks related to optimization, outsourcing this will make you more confident in the results.

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Hire Dedicated Experts

You are preparing your business for a long-term online marketing campaign by outsourcing SEO while making sure that qualified ones are taking care of it. An SEO company can provide quick solutions to your campaign to keep it flexible and capable of keeping up with the changes in search engine algorithms. When you have a well-managed SEO program, you can improve analytics, tracking and testing to discover new keywords to enhance keyword focus.

Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource SEO

Businesses that have failed efforts in their outsourced SEO campaigns think twice about working with another SEO company as their business grows. Those who lack the technical knowledge, SEO jargons can be intimidating to them. But as long as you choose the experienced and reputed SEO Company, you will be able to avoid all these setbacks.