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Below are listed the marketing trends for this year and everything is going to change all over again. This year experts are exploring new possibilities for marketing and they have started making forecasts regarding what will be the best. Irrespective of new trends and their popularity, some will succeed and some will fail. Following are some of them that are expected to do well in marketing field this year and your business can take advantage:-

Universally present Data

Everything with an on or off switch have to be connected to the internet at a certain point. The IOT will bring incredible possibilities; it will change the face of the data sharing that we currently utilize. When everything is interconnected, several other devices will be having the capability to collect data on user groups and be used for marketing. Many people remain happy to by trading their data for personalized offerings. Any privacy concerns which can restrict them can be overcome by the provisions of tailor-made content & offers and better customer experience.

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VR growth

This world is emerging rapidly and is expected to grow even more in 2017. More than 500,000 VR headsets have been sold every year and by 2020, the demand will outstrip the supply, according to a research in Australia. Audience size is continuously increasing as VR has the potential to be an industry which is lucrative. There are endless possibilities with virtual reality services. The marketer can take advantage of them and of their ads by advertising on them.

Over Personalized

CRM software already is capable of such detailed personal data of users and marketers are tailoring the communications & marketing strategy to not lag behind. But this is not something which can be done with a tailored message at the right time that can yield better conversions and ROI.

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Customers are given the option to customize the ads they want to see for eg. Facebook and more websites are adopting this. Be more creative is the key because consumers will decide what kind of ads they prefer.


Creative content development produces results and changing formats. Visual like photo and video are in as mobiles help to narrow the product choices. Content can become more powerful than other advertising modes. Budgets regarding content marketing will increase this year as more companies are directing towards different route other than traditional ads.