Top Online Trends Every Web Designer Should be Aware of this Year

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Web designing services are not merely creating pretty sites but rather about building interfaces which functions and serve visitors in a useful or pleasurable way. A web designer cannot just work in a restricted space but they need to know broader trends which influence users regarding what they expect a website to appear & function.

Following are some core changes which are happening around online:-

  1. Voice & chat

Customer service chatbots are a conversational interface which looks like a real person chatting when it’s actually a programme. Recently we are seeing them everywhere we look because of the rise in new Artificial Intelligence technologies. They are user-friendly and it’s possible to chat with them because they are coming with voice recognition technologies.

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According to Google, 20% of the inquiries are made by voice. Particularly for e-commerce sites, they can attract conversions and sales. Now, Apple, Amazon, and Google are coming with their own voice user interfaces with which they will get more and more accurate and useful.

  1. Live streaming revolution

In terms of audio and video content, a revolution is going on. Netflix generates more than 30% of its revenue from home entertainment. As far as live streaming video is concerned, the web giants are busy in nudging the broadcast TV. Twitter will be seeing its future in this area. This year Amazon has beaten Twitter on the NFL front, while Facebook has made a deal to live stream the champions Soccer games with Fox Sports.

  1. Adblocker

Gone are the days when we thought that we can make a living from putting some ads on the blog. This has been numbered, even for big media. As the overall ad space supply has increased, more systems and programs have driven the price which busted the model entirely. With disappointing returns, everyone had to add a more intrusive commercial to their page. This resulted in ad blocker rise.

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  1. VR web

If you think of virtual reality as a fad and it will go away quickly, then you either have not experienced it or have done through a cheap headset attached to a device which doesn’t create that good experience. VR is prepared to change the world and it’s only a matter of time. This will certainly include the web. Web designers have a lot of client work for big brands as everyone wants to know how VR can work for them. Indulge into new tools and frameworks that have evolved along with it.

  1. Skimmed content

Sharing blogs doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a hit. Most people only look at the headline and don’t read the whole content. 59% of the links shared on social media never actually gets clicked. The other digital stuff is competing for our attention and we are time poor in our busy lives. Do not rely on people reading your website’s content cover to cover.