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SureVin Voice Broadcasting Technology makes it easy for sales, marketing and supports in sending out own personalized and interactive voice broadcasts. Our cloud-based software helps you to create your IVR or voice notification, to do this, simply upload a spreadsheet with the contact numbers you wish to target and let SureVin do the rest.

You can send thousands of voice messages without touching a phone at once. You can easily create a message or upload your own message in multiple languages using our text-to-speech feature. With our simple setup, test calling and quick scheduling, with few clicks and in no-time your automated voice campaigns will be up and running.

Voice broadcasts are a way to deliver interactive IVRs or pre-recorded phone messages to thousands of people at once. This can be a powerful business tool to send automated phone calls for reminders, appointment, delivery confirmations, event promotions, reorders, phone surveys, accounts receivable collection, and much more.

SureVin has an outstanding consumer occurrence in the field of telecommunication, marketing effectiveness and customer services; outbound call center, inbound call center and voice broadcasting to serve a better result and achieving the business aim.

Your benefits :

  •  Remind customers of upcoming appointments, confirm/reschedule important deliveries.
  •  process customer reorders or due payments.
  •  Make customers and leads aware of your latest promotions and sales.
  •  Sending alerts ensuring customer’s awareness about changes to their account.
  •  Deliver your charity, political or other fundraising voice messages to a large audience.
  •  Gather valuable data on customer’s base measuring satisfaction with your products, services, or support.

Our USP includes :

  •  100% on-time delivery guarantee.
  •  Message personalization with text-to-speech.
  •  Complete scheduling control.
  •  Interaction with IVR.
  •  Live transfers.
  •  Voicemail detection.
  •  FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule compliance tools.
  •  Real-time reporting.