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Having so many apps and great social media networks on the phone, it’s easy to publish content for the world to see. And inversely, it’s never been more confusing. Because everyone is telling you how to do it right, handling it is pretty complex with right tools, right time, right measurements, right photographs…and much more) there are simply way too many amazing and in-depth blog posts out there telling you how to do social media.

Social Media Management for Beginners

If your niche is in food, crafts, lifestyle or visual arts, get accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and if your niche is marketing, business or a professional presence, get accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, you will find more valuable networks as you get going. These are only for the beginners.

There’s no secret to Social Media Time Management

You can’t-do everything at once. In the same sense doing all of the social media marketing activities, every day is not going to work so well, particularly if you have just started or trying to establish a good start. Breaking your social media management into daily, weekly and monthly segments will help you manage your time better.

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What to do Each Day?

Here are some of the things which you need to do every day if you want to make your social media marketing efforts to be successful:-

  • Engage with your Followers

You should reply to your followers, respond to mentions on blog comments and show signs of life on social media accounts in general.

  • Instigate your Engagement

Find influencers to engage with on social media. Follow or somehow connect with something new.

  • Share the Latest Interesting Content

Look through your feeds on social media and share any interesting and worthwhile content you see in it and share a link to your own content you see in it. Share a link to your own content if it fits with what you are seeing in your news feed. It’s an easy way to capitalize on what’s popular, new or trending right now. Spend time in your news feed and count it as part of your overall social media plan.

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Rather than constantly getting distracted throughout a day, set aside three or four specific times that you will get in and do these things. Otherwise, you will find yourself never leaving your social media accounts and you won’t get other content marketing done for yourself.

What to do Each Week?

Many content marketers will give you a long list of things to do every day when it comes to social media marketing at the time of starting out, set some of those activities on weekly basis so you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. Choose a diff day of the week to do each of the following:

  • Trends and Keywords

Look out for popular keywords in social media feeds and plan content which use them. Monitor topics and words which matter for your niche. For fast moving networks like Twitter, a weekly approach won’t really work that well. But it will, for other networks.

  • Brand Monitoring

Do a search on your name, blog name or brand’s name on social media accounts. Is there anything you need to respond to or be aware of? Do the same for your competitors or others for your niche. Find what the people are saying and how you can turn it to your own benefit.

  • Find content to curate

Find outside content to share with your followers and add it to your calendar for the upcoming week. Add interesting and new content to it and set aside the time for it.

  • Schedule your own content on social media

Block out some time to simply schedule your own content to publish on social media and for this, set aside a day or two.

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What do Each Month?

Check your website analytics and data. By checking your stats and analytics you see how well your social content is performing. Lookout for the trends in topics, traffic, type of content and time and date shared. Find out what is working and what is not. As you get better, and discover that you can handle that extra load, move to do this on a weekly basis.

Adjust your goals of social media according to what your monthly analytics review is telling you. You might need to share more or less at a different time. Plan your upcoming content monthly with regard to social media marketing. Think of any campaigns or themes and plan to create the content that you’ll be publishing.